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bell's palsy and acupuncture

Learn about Bell’s Palsy, symptoms, treatment, and Chinese Medicine

New tips on how to keep cool for the summer. Did you know that watermelon is one of the best summer foods?

Ways To keep Cool During The Summer

Ways to keep cool during the summer

Check out our newest guest blog post on some of the most awesome health tips for men by Dr. Oz. 

men's health tips from Dr Oz

Looking for workouts besides the Gym?

Outdoor Fitness Programs

The Benefits of guided imagery, meditation and relaxation-

Guided imagery relaxation and meditation

What are some of the basics to know before preparing for a street attack? Read these valuable concepts and protect yourself the right way.

Street fighting tips for self defense

Discover the benefits of cinnamon and why acupuncture herbalists have been using it for thousands of years.

Here is a blog post I wrote in follow up of a lecture that I presented on strengthening the mind and body connection. This is a great introduction and really you should be doing some type of mind body exercise in your daily usual routine. Read the rest on mind body medicine.

Yoga for Mind and Body

Did you know that cupping is a form of treatment used to releive patients with persistant hiccups? They can be annoying but will usually go away on their own. What crazy thing have you done to get rid of your hiccups? Read the blog post here

Acupuncture Cupping for Hiccups